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From the category archives:

Eye Candy

Krystle Lina Photography Hidden Passion

Now while most know Krystle as the drop dead sexy model & actress always in front of the camera. She has eye catching skills behind the lens also. Recently she has been freezing time for some of Hollywood’s finest and sexist models in the industry. I am sure most of you have seen big major [...]

May 16, 2011 Read the full article →

Model of the WEEK: Natazia Armani

You  take one look and its not someone you can forget.   God does bless some people with talents and Natazia was blessed with looks and hustla mind.

July 31, 2010 Read the full article →

Sarah BeauChamp : Twitmug model of the Day

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!! A sexy female football player is unheard of… maybe….. maybe not. She plays football for real not powder puff football. Sarah has the WHOLE package and potential to be somebody great. We are blessed that she took some time out to spend with us. I would love to tackle her ANYTIME. Enough talking about [...]

February 3, 2010 Read the full article →

FIRST EVER :READER Twitmug Model of the day Telebah

Where do I start the first time I saw Telebah I was like DAMN……….. who the #### is that…………..

January 14, 2010 Read the full article →

Twit Mugshot Model of the day ::FyrareMusic:: Boy Hot!!


Ladies, I was scrolling our Time-line a few days ago and came across this fine follower by the name of Fyraremusic and I instantly became mesmerized by this man’s body! Gosh O Mighty!

January 6, 2010 Read the full article →

TwitMug Male Model of Day:: FAN STYLE:: Jeremy

Ohhhh boyyyy! Look a here…loooook a here. RIPPED and TUCKED…below that belt line and lookin’ oh sooo FINE!

December 18, 2009 Read the full article →

MALE MODEL OF THE DAY: Tyrese Gibson :: Chocolate DREAM!

Yummmmy! I have a sweet tooth and it’s got Tyrese Gibson written all over it. This deeeeep, daaaark, SINFULLY De-lightful, Chocolate Boi Wonder will have me WRECK my diet!!  I SWEAR I could  just lick my screen right now! [#pause]

December 13, 2009 Read the full article →

TWITMUG MODEL of the Day :: JAZZ aka Safia

There is nothing I love more than a sexy classy lady.

December 10, 2009 Read the full article →


Instead of a body shot or booty poppin pic first I want to give you a head shot just let you know she is not all body. Now we ALL know there are some of these girls online who all body and no face.

December 6, 2009 Read the full article →

Twitmug Model of the Day :Alicia Keys

When it comes to beauty Superwoman aka Alicia Keys has it inside and out. I been in love with voice, beauty, heart for a long time. I could go on and on talking about her good will. But this is model of the day post so I will keep the words limited. If you want [...]

December 1, 2009 Read the full article →
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