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Twitmug Model of Day : Diznee ” You Dream of Disney characters”

by Twittermug on June 15, 2009

in Music Stars


Where I do start ? The first time ” I thought I knew about her was like 3 weeks ago” but after checking out her pictures, I realized i seen her in plenty of work before. I came across Diznee on twitter, just clicking around and saw her background image and was looking like Goofy with my jaw dropped to floor.

Let tell me tell you a little bit about her real quick so you don’t get it twisted. She has 3.9 GPA right now and she models part time. The perception of a lot people is that models are dumb, DON”T get it twisted there dumb ones but a lot of them are college educated and really smart. Diznee is in a class of her own since she not only goes to college she has a 3.9 gpa how crazy is that.

The reason I think a lot people like to label models like that is the girls are jealous that don’t look like that, and dudes are mad cuz they can’t get with it and they say horrible things to make themselves feel better.

I didn’t know it was her on the cover of Show Mag, that Cover was unforgettable “shout out to vanessa she another smart sexy one” and she was in bow’s vid you can get it all. When I saw her on twitter I had no idea it was her. I had no idea she was same girl from show mag as in bow vid. I don’t know exactly why they call her diznee, but I gotta say I know a lot of dudes dream of her like Disney fantasy.

The reason today I decided to write up on her was I was just writing about the da homie J cole and his GPA was crazy high but he never get no fame for that. So when I thinking about model of day and J Cole’s GPA was high I thinking good mix. What up Diznee can I get one night in Da Magic Kingdom HA ?

Check her out on twitter
Enjoy the pics. Where you Rate her for all the models you seen so far on twittermugshot ?

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